Lava Bracelet & Essential Oil Kit

  • $58.00

These thoughtfully curated aromatherapy bracelet kits are Tap into the energies of each gemstone while diffusing a special blend of essential oils. To diffuse your oil blend simply add a drop or two onto the porous lava stone beads of your new bracelet. The oils will quickly absorb and last a couple days before you need to reapply.


  • Style #: KB1
  • Variation of round gemstone beads, lava stone and hexagon brass beads
  • Stretch cord
  • 35" Length
  • Wraps 3 times around wrist
  • 1) 2ml Essential Oil blend of your choice

 Stone/Oil blend:

Amethyst: DREAM: sandalwood, lavender, bergamot & spearmint

Aquamarine: CLARITY: cardamom, lavender, frankincense & wintergreen

Citrine: ABUNDANCE: juniper, lemongrass, star anise & wild orange

Green OnyxGROWTHylang-ylang, cinnamon, helichrysum & bergamot

Labradorite: INTUITIONpatchouli, ylang-ylang, grapefruit & clary sage

Onyx: PRESENCEsandalwood, grapefruit, lime &  melaleuca 

Quartz: PROTECTIONeucalyptus, lemon, clove & spearmint 

Rose QuartzCOURAGE: ginger, frankincense, wild orange & geranium

Turquoise: BALANCE: cedarwood, lemon, peppermint & marjoram 

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