Rough Sodalite - Amy Margaret

Rough Sodalite

  • $6.00

Sodalite stimulates the mind and consciousness to create enhanced intuition, creativity, and powers of observation.

Extremely rich in color, sodalite is quite tough but easy to cut, making it a very desirable stone for jewelers to work with. A kin to Lapis because of it's blue color, Sodalite derived its name from the allusion of Sodium content. Because of its natural blue color, this mineral is highly prized. Very few stones exhibit a natural blue color. Most Sodalite originates in South America.

Affirmation: I am intuitive


  • Each Sodalite may vary slightly in color and shape. We do not edit our photos to remove blemishes and or enhance color. These are natural minerals and each one is beautifully unique. 
  • Each stone varies in size, approximate measurement: 1" x 2"

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